The See-Thru Therapist is Me

I am a Marriage & Family Therapist practicing in the Greater Denver area. I am a wife/mom/grandma, artist, voracious reader, history-lover, Jesus-follower.  I am a wounded healer. I’m a straight-talker who’s not afraid to share where I’ve messed up, broken down, or short-circuited. I believe our mistakes are paths to growth and the pain of our past is the launchpad to our healing and beautiful wholeness. I love people in all our flawed, broken glory. I love listening to understand. I like helping people connect to their true Self and find what they were meant to give to the world.

The See-Thru Therapist is a Resource

Wisdom is found in the little things learned over time and experience. Its gleaned from experts and our neighbors. This blog is to be a collection of these nuggets of wisdom that once applied, can change the trajectory of your life, your marriage, and your family.

You may not have time to read a book on parenting but you can read 1000 words and make one small shift. You might not have the funds to attend a marriage retreat but you can scan a post and discover a practice that will make all the difference in your closeness with your partner. You may feel hopelessly alone in your suffering right now but it is my intention that within these pages you’ll find you are not alone and that there is indeed hope for your situation.

The See-Thru Therapist is a Community

In these pages, I’ll ask for your input in the comments section following each post. We all benefit when we’re brave enough to be vulnerable. I hope you’ll become part of this community for sharing experiences and questions. When you have success and joy, we want to rejoice with you. When you are struggling with something, we want to share in that struggle and hopefully make it easier to bear.

I hope you’ll join me in this community.

Posted by Lee Ann

Hi, I'm Lee Ann, an extrovert; perpetual learner; book collector; Jesus-follower; A “doer” in recovery; Marriage & Family Therapist in private practice in Greater Denver, CO