While not much is known about what specifically makes energy psychology so effective,  there is a growing body of evidence confirming its efficacy. Occasionally, I hear from Christians that they are hesitant to engage in energy work because they are unfamiliar with the framework behind it and they wonder if it crosses boundaries set for them by God in scripture.

I want to assure you that I have investigated this thoroughly for myself and am confident that it is well within the boundaries set for us as followers of Christ. I believe it is effective because God created us to function according to these mechanisms.

Ann, a massage therapist, was familiar with the structure of the meridian system of energy used in her work but she hadn’t heard of it being used for emotional healing. A friend who had found healing through Splankna recommended she give it a try. That’s when she came to my office. Ann picks up her story here.

I had been experiencing increased panic attacks over several years and they were getting increasingly worse. I was tired of feeling like a shell walking around disconnected from the real me. Depression had dragged me down to the point of feeling like life wasn’t worth living. I had seen a doctor with minimal lasting improvements. The underlying causes still remained. I wondered if I would ever feel like myself again.

A friend told me of her positive results from Splankna and I felt hopeful that it might be something that could help me. I was intrigued that the therapy was rooted in Christ and not from a New Age perspective. On my own, I had tried reading the Bible and prayed believing God for change but there seemed to be a brick wall holding me back from sensing the presence of God. My heart had given up but my mind knew that if God were in it, there could be healing. Since I was at the end of my rope and feeling desperate, I decided to try Splankna.”

During the introduction session, I ask clients why they are seeking therapy at this time and what they have already tried to bring change. This is the basic information I require. I also ask them to set their own goals for therapy. They tell me what would have to happen for them to know they were better. This sets the baseline for us to know if we are making progress in our work together. We then open our work together with prayer, inviting God to guide us and walk us through the session. The specific tools used within the session are determined through muscle testing. Ann described what she felt like immediately following her first session and then what she noticed about herself after  three sessions.

“After that first session, I felt very tired, which I found out can be a normal response. The effects of my sessions were immediate and remain to this day. I didn’t realize that I was under what I can only describe as mental torment until I was freed from it. As I began to write down the differences in me before and after, I realized how impactful this work was and how real change had occurred for me. 

I went from:

  1. Emotional/mental torment to Peace of mind
  2. Walking in circles of defeat, unable to complete anything to Able to accomplish tasks without guilt of leaving things undone.
  3. Daily constant negative thoughts of my demise to Such thoughts completely gone!! PTL!
  4. A type of physical paralysis toward daily tasks to Ease of doing them.
  5. Control freak to More relaxed, letting others do things; lack of need to strive so hard for perfection.
  6. Tendency to accumulate/ hold on to possessions to Able to let go of those things without anguish
  7. Angry, frustrated, impatient with everyone to Patient and not taking everything so personally
  8. Sense of being spread too thin– Completely gone!
  9. Anxiety – Completely gone! There have been many opportunities for it to recur but not once have I felt anxious. I have felt a tiny bit nervous in some situations (which now I can see the difference) but remained completely in control.

This transformation may seem hard to believe, but I believe it. It is my story and it is real!  It feels so good to feel like me again and to have my life back and my hope and joy back. My greatest gift has been the spiritual awakening and hunger to read God’s word daily. The blockage that was there is gone. I feel the presence of God and His love in such a remarkably different way than ever before.

The other day I was sharing with my husband some things the Lord had revealed to me. He said that my therapy was benefiting him too. My friends and family have remarked on the changes they’ve seen in me and how happy I appear to be.

This experience has taught me how to take a more Christ-centered outlook on my pursuit of health and healing. It has broadened my thinking about the different ways God brings healing to us.

Splankna is a therapy that everyone could benefit from in my opinion. Though one doesn’t have to be a Chrisitan to benefit from this therapy, I do think that my surrender to God as my Creator and Lord of my life has allowed Him to do amazing things in me through this healing. I am thankful.”

                                                                                           Grateful,  Ann 

Though we can never make guarantees in therapy, Ann’s story is representative of the effectiveness of the work that I do in my office. If you’d like to see what a new approach to therapy might do to relieve your suffering, I’d like to see you in my office.

Give me a call at 855-255-5993 for a free phone consultation to see if this might be a good fit for you.

Posted by Lee Ann

Hi, I'm Lee Ann, an extrovert; perpetual learner; book collector; Jesus-follower; A “doer” in recovery; Marriage & Family Therapist in private practice in Greater Denver, CO


  1. Until now, I had not heard of this form of therapy.. It is wonderful that you found relief, and are helping others!
    God Bless 🙂

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    1. Thanks for reading Mary Ann! There are Splankna practitioners all over the country now. You can find a practitioner near you by going to Splankna.com.



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