Psychological functioning involves thought, emotion, chemistry, neurology, genetics and environmental aspects but at an essential level, bioenergy is also involved. Just as an audio tape or computer hard drive contain information using electromagnetic fields, similarly our brain and body operate electromagnetically.

So during a session in which energy psychology tools are used, the person puts their hands on meridian points on the body, while directing their focus on the identified emotions they wish to clear (NET). At times, there will be algorythms for tapping on selected points. These simple actions clear the stored cellular memories (TFT).

While these tools clear stored emotions and cellular memories from the body’s database, prayer is a necessary tool to clear blockages in the spirit, reconnecting the self to God. People describe this aspect of the process as sensations of love, peace, and joy.

Posted by Lee Ann

Hi, I'm Lee Ann, an extrovert; perpetual learner; book collector; Jesus-follower; A “doer” in recovery; Marriage & Family Therapist in private practice in Greater Denver, CO

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