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At Season’s Change, Time to Reevaluate Commitments

I’m a pitiful gardener. I have to plant flowers that will live in spite of […]

Am I Ever Done “Momming”?

School hadn’t even started yet when the paperwork began flowing in with lists of events […]

Refine Your Life: Create Your Personal Mission Statement

Before relocating to Colorado a few years ago, our family lived in an old Ohio […]

What’s At the End of Your Rope?

It never fails. It seems that all I have to do is sit down at […]

Groundhog Day: How My Parents’ Divorce Lived On In Me

I was in my early thirties when I began to wonder if the death of […]

A Plane, A Hawk and A Butterfly

I used to love playing an obscure board game called TriBond. Very few people I […]

Therapy on a Running Track

Since I was a kid I’ve been more of an observer than a participant. Given […]