Counseling Services

Marriage Maintenance

Marriage Maintenance is for couples who are not in crisis but who may have reached an impasse on a matter of great importance to them such as financial concerns, child-rearing, or shared vision for life, etc. I offer a solution-oriented approach to create understanding and develop solutions that preserve the relationship the couple values.

Couples Counseling

Couples counseling is for couples in crisis who need assistance breaking out of their conflict cycle.  Using a variety of techniques I will train you to modify conflict, enhance friendship, and create shared meaning in a safe, hope-filled environment. Unique to my practice is the integration of energy psychology tools during sessions, which removes triggers related to past hurts and enables the couple to interact on a new more healthy level.

Premarital Counseling

For couples investigating the possibility of marriage or for engaged couples, I recommend scheduling premarital counseling consisting of eight sessions. I use Prepare/ Enrich, a powerful assessment that identifies the couple’s strengths as well as areas for growth. The assessment is taken online separately by each partner between the first and second sessions. Results are presented in an easy-to-read, graphic format and includes action steps and exercises that the couple may implement to increase their compatibility and cooperation in marriage.

Goals of Prepare/Enrich include:

  • strengthen communications skills
  • identify and manage major stressors
  • resolve conflicts using the Ten Step Model
  • Understand personality differences and maximize teamwork

Family Therapy

Using a Systems approach, family therapy creates a space in which each member is given opportunity to be heard and validated while working toward solutions to conflict within the system and creating healthy communication patterns.

Teen Counseling

Transitioning from childhood to adulthood is the period known as the teen years and it is one of the most difficult transitions we ever have to make in life. The many different struggles that teens face during this transition seem to inevitably cause stress for both them and their parents. I can offer your teen a safe place to vent and examine their inner-most thoughts and beliefs about themselves and their world. I also believe it is valuable to include some joint sessions in which parents and their teen can each be heard and create a new experience of one another.

Step Families

Step families are some of the bravest people I know. They take on the challenge of loving someone else’s children and create something new out of two very different families. Yet many of these brave families struggle to find that peace and joy they expected to experience. The truth is that they have tried to create second-families using tools designed for first-families! This never works. Let me teach you the tools that actually work for second-families such as: creating appropriate expectations, prioritizing your marriage partnership, creating a parenting team, how to overcome your special challenges and others. Let me  partner with you in creating the healthiest family environment possible.

Adoptive Families

Adoptive families have a special place in my heart because my husband and I like you, have added to our family through adoption. Some of us were prepared for bringing our child home but not so much when they began to struggle with issues many adoptees face as they develop and grow, such as identity or sense of belonging, unexplained anger at a parent or sibling, or even the ability to attach with their parents. These periods of conflict surface throughout their development. We think we have dealt with them and then all of a sudden, they surface once more. Believe me, it’s all quite normal. I can assist you in gaining understanding and empathy for your child and give you the tools to assist them in developing a healthy sense of self and a healthy attachment to you as his or her parents.

Individual Counseling

Individual counseling allows you the freedom to investigate those areas of yourself that don’t seem to be experiencing growth or wholeness. These sessions provide time to examine in depth the “stuck places” that you are recognizing which might include anxiety or depression. Individual counseling is care of your soul, which will add benefit to all of your most valued relationships.

Adult Children of Divorce

Adult Children of Divorce (ACDs) are one of the largest populations in the country. Since divorce became more common and less stigmatized in the 1970’s, two generations of kids have grown up in divorced homes. Research within the last two decades revealed that ACDs enter adulthood with challenges that children of traditional families do not. These challenges are centered around identity and difficulties in love relationships, including ability to trust and commit. If parental divorce is part of your history, perhaps you’ve noticed such difficulties. I can help you understand how it affected you and give you the tools to remove those barriers to the life and loves you crave.

Adult Children of Alcoholics

Adult Children of Alcoholics (ACAs) are one of the largest populations in the United States. Their home life growing up taught them many useful skills which serve them well in the world of work. However, they also received messages about themselves and the world that were incorrect and may be preventing them from achieving their goals and experiencing the love they always dreamed of. I can help you discover those negative messages and replace them with the truth about who you are and what you are capable of.