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What is Splankna?

Splankna is a Christian protocol for Energy Psychology developed from an integration of Neuro-Emotional Technique, Thought Field Therapy, and EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing), and spiritual work. It provides a straight forward, mechanistic treatment procedure for alleviating a wide range of psychological and physical symptoms through both a healing protocol and a creative protocol.

Splankna’s healing protocol is based on the following assumptions:

  1. There is a subconscious mind and it catalogs one’s life experiences like the hard-drive in a computer. The emotions felt during painful life experience seem to be stored physiologically in the body almost like electrical charges. The body seems to store these emotions in different organ points depending on the type of emotion. The storage system is called the Meridian System of energy which is what Chiropractics and Acupuncture are based on. It is theorized to be the path along which the body’s energy/electricity flows.
  2. “Symptoms” are understood to be the result of a current life experience “triggering” an older stored trauma and re-activating the old emotional content creating some form of overreaction. The clearest example is a phobia. If, for example, a client had a bad fall as a child, the memory and emotion of that experience is stored in the body and the subconscious mind “fueling” a fear of heights. As an adult, the client’s conscious mind recognizes that a fear of heights is irrational. Logically he knows he is perfectly safe to look out of a four-story window. But when he tries that, it’s as if his computer system says, “What do we have stored on height?” It double-clicks that old file and up to his screen comes all the stored emotion and his body has a panic against his conscious will. There is no amount of reasoning with himself that can undo that emotional trigger. The best he can do through cognitive/behavioral effort is to get better at managing those triggers when they come up. Through Splankna’s healing protocol those triggers can be released, cleaning out his file, and the symptom lifts.
  3. How do the files get cleaned out? The body is capable of resolving or releasing those stored emotional charges so that the “fuel” behind the symptom is no longer present. The body uses Circuitry + Intention in this process. “Circuitry” refers to making some physiological connection to the body’s storage system that accesses the targeted emotion. “Intention” refers to what the client is thinking of, focusing on, remembering, etc. So the physical storage point is activated while the client is focusing on the emotion stored there. For instance, the client will think of feeling anger at 6 years old when one parent had an extra-marital affair, while touching the liver alarm point on the body where the anger is stored. In just a few seconds, and usually with some spoken forgiveness, the body seems to release the electrical/energetic charge of emotion, as if a “file” is cleaned out. When all the emotions fueling a symptom are resolved, the symptoms caused by the trauma tend to lift.


What kind of problems can Splankna address?

Splankna therapy can address any topic one could typically address in traditional talk therapy. Depression, Anxiety, Phobia, Trauma, Childhood sexual trauma, Fear, Marriage relationship issues, Legacy of parental divorce, Legacy of alcoholic family systems, Grief, Anger, Transition issues (such as divorce recovery, retirement, empty nest syndrome, etc.), Miscarriage, Post-abortion trauma, and Regret are all typical examples.

What is muscle-testing?

Muscle-testing, also known as Applied Kineseology, is the tool used to access this stored emotional content. Any major muscle in the body that is fairly well isolated, will respond to electrical/energetic shifts that go off in the body. In this case, the deltoid muscle is used. So when the client says something with which they are in-congruent, there is a small electrical/energetic shift created. This shift shows up in the muscle causing it to momentarily De-activate. When a muscle is De-activated it will give-way when pressure is applied rather than bouncing back. This simple body mechanism provides something similar to “yes/no” answers. Since the subconscious mind has all of a person’s life experience cataloged, a practitioner can ascertain, for instance, how many emotions are fueling a particular symptom, when they occurred, where they are stored in the body, etc., by noting the muscle reactions to ideas presented. It is important to not that muscle-testing, though very useful, is also imperfect. There are many variables that effect a muscle-test and it must always be “taken with a grain of salt.”

Splankna targets the subconscious mind. Why is this necessary when I am consciously aware of what my issues are?

  • 95% of our daily activity is controlled by our subconscious mind.
  • The brain monitors between 20 to 40 million stimuli per second while our conscious mind can only monitor 40 per second.
  • We make 35,000 semi-conscious decisions per day but only 75-150 conscious decisions per day
  • Our will-power is under the control of our conscious mind and therefore our attempts to change are significantly limited. By dealing with the subconscious mind, we greatly increase our ability to experience deep, lasting change.

What are the Spiritual Aspects of Splankna?

When traumas occur in our lives, our enemy seems to attempt to capitalize on our vulnerability by offering deals/bargains, similar to his style in the temptation of Jesus in the desert. In our moments of fear, pain or anger, the enemy offers coping strategies, makes promises, etc. and sometimes our hearts are deceived and will make agreements that end up supporting symptoms in our lives. In the Healing Protocol we ask God to reveal agreements the client has made in conjunction with the identified trauma and we assist the client in repenting of the agreement and breaking it, including the enemy’s claim to the person and entities attached. In this way, every effort is made to resolve the symptom from all angles, physically,emotionally, and spiritually.